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Digital Asset Management replaces the costly, cumbersome and time consuming business process using the phone, fax, email and courier service, and transforms the way you manage and communicate your assets and projects.

Collaboration via Pent Net’s unique Digital Asset Management engine

Pent Net's Digital Asset Management system is a highly scalable solution to store, manage and retrieve digital assets for online distribution via a normal web browser. Digital Assets can be stored in over a 100 different formats and automatically converted on the fly to over another 100 different formats.

Organisations can use Pent Net s Digital Asset Management system as an advanced database hub. Providing fast, easy permission-based access to current versions of the correct assets. The system uses a secure web browser, both over corporate networks and globally via the internet.

Pent Net uses a reliable, future enabled digital asset engine, which has a centralized
audit trail that can even enable online payment centres.

Pent Net can transform your supply chain, removing bottlenecks and streamlining production.
Digital Asset Management serves as a “work area” where production is a collaborative process between team members, marketing managers, legal advisors and other contributors.

Digital Asset Management can potentially store millions of assets in a centralized bank like vault, providing easy access to the latest approved assets, all indexed and automatically versioned.

Working teams could be in the same office or in different countries and time zones. They can commission projects, and issue briefs and approvals, which are expedited through our unique workflow with integrated emailing between workgroup members.

Some of our key features are:
• Automatic versioning for compliance
• Auto email notification of specific actions
• Convert file formats on the fly through the Pent Net engine.
This enables digital assets to be reformatted with automatic versioning in high or low resolution, on a pay per use or free service basis.
• Extensive audit tracking of all actions
• Full History of all versions on each asset
• Full extensive search and filter facilities
• Search via meta data embedded in PDF files
• Auto backup and compression of database
• Thumbnail asset display to quickly find the 1 in a million asset that is required
• Unlimited Assets
• Unlimited team members
• Unlimited open sessions

As organisations recognise the extent and worth of their digital assets, Pent Net’s Digital Asset Management solution offers a secure centralized and vault like storage area for these assets.
Most assets are of unstructured data such as logos, graphics, product brochures, graphics, audio, video, marketing and training videos.

By assigning standard metadata classifications the corporate identity is retained, unifying these assets to be readily searched and retrieved. These tools can be used to retrieve a corporate presentation, word documents, excel spreadsheets, high or low resolution artwork, multi media ads or even television commercials.

At a fraction of the cost any previous asset can be easily retrieved and repurposed for new projects, saving valuable time.

Thumbnail asset display allows users to quickly find, and access the right version of the right asset.

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